HANNA SUPETRAN interview in DESTIG Magazine


Tell us about yourself and background.
I was a corporate executive turned full-time artist. My childhood passion in arts was ignited through a series of fortunate events. A needed break from my decade long jet-setting corporate life gave me the time to slow down and found myself painting again. This was followed by commissioned works, to an invitation to join a group exhibit as the new artist in one of the most reputable art galleries in the Philippines where I was born and raised. Passion ignited, I left the corporate world, flew to Florence, Italy and took an Intensive Visual Art course, which included Photography, Fresco, Contemporary Art Technique & Figure Drawing at the Accademia D’Arte Firenze, came back to the Philippines and have been a full-time artist since.

Tell us about your work.
I paint intuitively and create expressive paintings using oil and acrylic in abstract form to celebrate life with all its twist and turns and love in all its shapes and forms. My paintings are unapologetic, colourful and bold, thought provoking, emotionally evocative and soothing to the soul. My paintings’ impressions know no boundaries, an endless expedition in the vastness of space, fearlessly exploring the unknown, trusting and allowing each stroke to take its form and allowing each colour to speak to each other. Each painting is a soul expedition, an expression of an intimate inward journey. A journey my artworks invite people to embark in.

Why is your work a good investment?
My artworks have been receiving consistent recognitions and awards for artistic excellence from different established art organizations and jurors from USA, Europe and Asia. It validates the consistency of the quality of arts I make, that each piece I create passed the international curators and jurors trained eyes and standards and included in international online exhibitions and shows. It also speaks of its global footprint reach in terms of marketability and appeal.

Tell us about some of your achievements.
I received several international awards and recognitions from reputable and established art organizations and galleries, curators, jurors from USA, Europe and Asia. In addition, I am a recipient of an International Prize Caravaggio – Great Master of Art Award, which will be held on Dec. 7, 2018 in Milan, Italy.
Here are the details of the awards and recognitions:
•  Gallery Choice Award, 2018 ALL Colour International Art Competition – Contemporary Art Gallery Online, (USA)
•  Special Recognition Award, 2018 Patterns Art International Art Competition – Light Space and Time Online Gallery, (USA)
•  Special Recognition Award, 8th Annual Open International Art Competition 2018 – Light Space and Time Online Gallery, (USA)
•  Top Artists to Watch 2018, Collectors’ Edition – ArtTour International Magazine, Summer 2018
•  Special Recognition Award, 3rd Annual Abstract International Art Contest 2018 – Light Space and Time Online Gallery, (USA)
•  One of the 100 featured artists selected by a jury and featured her artworks called Beauty in Diversity and Strength in Diversity in Q2 2018 Edition of 1340 Art Magazine, an international art publication based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
•  Special Merit Category (Seasons of Love), All Women’s Annual International Art Contest 2018 – Light Space and Time Online Gallery, (USA)
•  Special Recognition Category (Strength in Diversity), All Women’s Annual International Art Contest 2018 – Light Space and Time Online Gallery, (USA)
•  Top 5 Artists 2017 – Artist.Singapore.com

What are your sources of inspiration?
A painting has power to shift a feeling immediately as art speaks to the heart, it speaks straight to the soul. Knowing this, I am always inspired to create pieces, which revolve around the theme of light and love, of beauty and hope, of joy and bliss, of unity and peace. It is inspiring enough to know that through my artworks, I could assist shift a disempowering emotion to an empowering feeling. Like what I always tell my friends that I will paint the world with love, one painting at a time.

Tell us the back-story of some of your projects.
I was sharing to one of my clients and collectors that the reason why I left the corporate world and became a full-time artist is the feeling of exhilaration I experience every time I paint. He told me that the feeling of exhilaration is exactly what he feels every time he drives his sports car once a week and wishes he could do that every day but he has a demanding corporate day job. He had this brilliant idea and asked me to paint and capture the “exhilarating speed” every time he drives his sports car in an abstract form. The painting is proudly displayed in his executive office. Just a glance at the painting takes him back to that feeling of exhilaration without leaving his office.

Share with us your upcoming projects.
I am currently preparing for my participation in a Digital Exhibit in New York come 2019 and my participation in the International Prize Caravaggio – Great Master of Art in Milan, Italy.

Tell us about where you are based.
I am based in the Philippines. It is a stunningly beautiful country with amazing people.

​Images from this interview: https://www.destig.com/supetran.html
​Website: hannasupetran.artspan.com