ERIC WILES interview in DESTIG Magazine


Tell us about yourself and background.
A self-taught contemporary photographic artist from Chicago now residing in California, with a background in Photo-Lithography. Starting in 2007 I began to construct my knowledge of photography and started Eric Wiles Photography in 2008.

Tell us about your work.
A contemporary photographer and a landscape enthusiast is how I would describe my work, as it reflects the beautiful places and things we have on our great planet. The creative process for me is one that is both automatic and emotional, creating my art is like being on a roller coaster with twists and turns. Photography, like life, is constant movement, constant change, a visual documentary re-released.

What makes your work and approach unique?
As a photographer perception of the eye is what makes my work unique and my approach to capturing what I think is a great photograph.
Whether discovering new exciting places or re- imagining the familiar, each capture is different and motivates me to focus the subject’s beauty in my work.

Why is your work a good investment?
My work is constantly evolving and the investment in a great piece of art work never diminishes. Since it will have an emotional and possible sentimental value, an original piece of my work I feel will only increase in attachment.

Tell us about some of your achievements.
My inclusion and selection in a group exhibition at Musee de Louvre in 2009, DESTIG Artist of the year 2018, Top 20 Photographer 2015 and Top 60 Artists for multiple years by an award-winning art magazine. Also having my work displayed in major commercial magazines and starting a photography business has been my most major achievements.

What are your sources of inspiration?
My main sources of inspiration are nature and very well designed man-made objects, as nature to me is unparalleled in beauty, diversity and design. I am also inspired by other artists and life itself

What you are passionate about?
My passion lives with the environment and how so many different places can be so breathtakingly beautiful and need to be protected.

Tell us about some projects you have delivered.
My projects included a collaboration with Art Arena NY digital exhibition, Art Tour Magazines Artist for a Green Planet exhibition, special Summer edition and Aesthetica Art Magazine artist showcase. These projects focused on environmental impact and awareness I also have worked with Vida on an art clothing and accessory line made from sustainable all-natural materials.

Share with us your upcoming projects.
Normally I’m invited and always participate in the major Art Fairs around the world including RED DOT, Art Expo NY. However, I am taking time to travel and find new inspiration to introduce new work to my portfolio. Other scheduled exhibitions are in Paris, Austria in Vienna, Cannes, Basel and Montreux in 2019.

Tell us about where you are based.
I am based in Santa Clara Ca. in the heart of Silicon Valley where the weather is great along with natural and human diversity. This unique area is the world technology hub surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and luscious forest and great minds.

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